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Hi There! My name is Sonia. I have 5 wonderful children and an amazing husband (and partner in craft) Darren.

6 years ago our lives were turned up side down when I very unexpectedly developed M.E/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) I went from begin a very busy mum and wife to more or less bedbound over night! Darren had to give up work to become my full time carer and we have spent these last 6 years trying to gain back some sort of a normal life. I struggle to do almost all normal things now even the 'silly little thingz' we all take for granted. I started to struggle with my mental health, so as a way to stop me overthinking my plight, and to give me something to focus on when I feel well enough, I started a little crafting hobby. Jewellery making, wax melts & candle making, vinyl designs, pebble art and poly clay creations. Darren helps me out a lot and he soon found an interest of his own in wood burning. It didn't take long for our small hobby space to become full of everything one needs to make silly little thingz. During the pandemic we have been crafting away and are now ready for our lovely creations to find their forever homes. We called our shop Silly Little Thingz to remind ourselves to never forget about the silly little thingz in life and to never take anything for granted, its the silly little thingz we get as gifts that help us remember this. Live Laugh Love and always hold on to your Silly Little Thingz.