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Awesome Personalised Health Diary helps your monitor all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

With the pandemic still going strong, why not take back a bit of control and start looking after your health! Its never been more important to know your own body and looking out for signs things just aren't right! My Diary will help you keep track of your general health ups and downs and give your doctor a really good idea of what's been going on with you. Help them help you better. Its also super great if you need to monitor a pre-existing condition!!

Keeping track of how you are feeling day to day could help you spot if you have developed signs of a serious illness or even help you spot if you have developed possible covid symptoms!

Make 2021 your year for health and wellbeing awareness. 

Diary offers 6 months of health monitoring & helpful resources for a wide range of health conditions including mental health.

 Size: A5

 Spiral bound for easy to turn pages.

Hard soft shine cover with personalised vinyl text.

2 Vinyl text options and your name.

3 Font colours to choose from.

Personalised Health Diary

Font Colour
Cover Text Required